Saturday, February 27, 2016


NOTE: A security breach and a threat of blackmail have forced us to publish this sooner than we intended and out of synch with other planned actions, which we have had to postpone. If some of this leaves you puzzled, it will become clear in due time.  

DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate violence to achieve reform or revenge. The following statement, a 7,000-word “confession”, is not intended as a threat to anyone. Nor is it meant to alarm, frighten, annoy or harass anyone. Nor is it a statement of intention. Rather, it is a sort of prophecy (things like this will happen sooner or later) as well as an inside look at a mind that has, under the pressure of biological imperatives beyond its control, taken the long journey from nonviolent passive resistance to angry assassination. It elaborates on concepts addressed in the controversial futurist novel, Barbarians in Paradise / Terror Comes to Maui 

 The purpose of this statement is two-fold:

 (1) To show how relentless bullying by government criminals can turn a normal, nonviolent person into a determined killer. I intend this to be a useful contribution to the scientific literature on the psychology of one type of killer, with likely applications to other types;   

(2) To sound an alarm about single-kill bio-toxic weapons. Though I conceived, designed and helped develop such devices, and I found them indispensable in some of my work, I must admit that I have serious regrets. My biggest worry is that widespread proliferation now seems inevitable. That terrifies me. Who can know the long-term consequences to the social fabric of making assassination so easy and so quiet?  
Why I Did It: My Journey from Nonviolence to Quiet Savagery
By the time you read this the body count from my two-month assassination spree will be at least seven, perhaps as many as ten. These killings are radically different from anything that has occurred before and a harbinger of things to come, things that scare the hell out of me even though I hastened their advent. 
The method I used in these hits is clean, quiet and fast. There is no noise from the weapon or from the target, who simply collapses and dies for no apparent reason, never knowing what hit him. There is no wound and no blood, just invisible transdermal absorption of tiny drops of clear fluid. Weeks later, in the unlikely event that the proper tests are done, a forensic toxicologist will announce the presence of tiny amounts of marine and plant neurotoxins that achieve a powerful synergy. That is, they multiply each other’s toxicity vastly beyond the mere sum of their toxicities.  

There are thousands of natural bio-toxins and billions of possible combinations, so finding the very few (perhaps a few dozen) with powerful mutual synergy by a systematic screening process using classic toxicology methods would take centuries. Protein modeling with powerful computers might do it in a few years. But we had to find just one such synergistic combination, we had a good idea of where to look, and we got lucky. Very lucky. The strange details are our secrets for now. 

We will guard our deadly secrets, but eventually others will also get lucky, though they probably won’t find the same deadly combinations we found. In any case, this development changes everything forever; our lives will never be the same. The prophecies about super-potent, precision, single-kill bio-toxic weapons, in the futurist novel Barbarians in Paradise / Terror Comes to Maui, are beginning to be fulfilled. There will be grave and historic consequences around the globe.   
Can you hear me now, you corrupt bastards who were deaf to me for 20 years? My quiet, bloodless but lethal violence against government criminals has proved to be justified and necessary, like the violence of lancing a fetid boil. Now the putrid pus will pour out and the rot can be revealed and cauterized.  
If an honest process of truth and reconciliation follows, Maui can start working towards true rule of law. If it does not, and County of Maui continues its criminal ways, anarchy is sure to follow, and I fear for us all. Obviously, when people know that their government is crooked, they feel less compelled to abide by its laws.
“Why I Did it” is an appropriate title for this statement because after a mass murder or series of murders everyone asks, why did he do it? But once you know the facts of my cases you will ask, why shouldn’t he have done it? Or, why didn’t he do it sooner?  
It’s easy to think you believe in the Gandhi-King nonviolent approach to fighting for reform, but without expert leadership and lots of participants and supporters, success is unlikely. Most people acting as individuals can take only so much criminal bullying by government thugs and robots before they instinctively lash out violently.
My final task in life is to publicize the truth so the professional liars—the hyenas and vultures of the mainstream media, politics and the lawyers’ guilds – cannot distort and bury history. I will be vindicated and history will absolve me.  
Can you hear me now, you lying whores? 
I will soon either be locked up for life or I will be dead. I would prefer the latter, but things don’t always work out the way we want them to. In any case, I’ve had a good run and I’ve stirred things up so much that the issues can no longer be ignored.  

The assassinations will force society to consider two critical issues:
(1) Why these people were killed, the role of the Prison Industrial Complex, and how such violence can be prevented;
(2) The implications for society of the coming proliferation of simple, small, single-kill bio-toxic weapons.  

Regarding the second issue first, these weapons are protected by the 2nd Amendment, which says nothing about “firearms,” but protects the right to own and bear “arms.” The Supreme Court has ruled that this applies to firearms that are a thousand times as deadly as the single-shot muskets available when the Constitution was ratified. Therefore, “modern unforeseeable deadliness” cannot be used as an excuse to exclude single-target bio-toxic weapons from Second-Amendment protection. Moreover, the bio-toxic devices are not intended or designed as weapons of mass destruction, and cannot be used as such, so the laws banning bio-toxic weapons do not apply to them.  

Since the devices are small, non-metallic, and easy to hide and disguise, security measures will have to be radically increased and revised. The gun control debate will be transformed, as will the personal-weapons industry. The NRA and other gun-rights groups base their arguments on the 2nd Amendment, so they cannot oppose single-target bio-toxic devices without exposing themselves as corrupt firearms industry shills rather than staunch, literalist defenders of the Constitution.  

With or without the NRA’s or the Supreme Court’s blessing, 3-D printers will be cranking out these dangerous pre-loaded devices faster than a speeding bullet. The successful urban guerrilla in a fragmented, tribal future will be more like James Randi than James Bond – a master of guile, disguise, stealth, and invisibly fast hands.  
Possible scenarios are explored in the controversial futurist novel Barbarians in Paradise / Terror Comes to Maui. I have nothing to add to that subject in this statement. My main purpose here is to address the first issue, why the killings occurred and how they could have been prevented. If society fails to take my last words to heart, my targets and I will have died in vain.  

When a massacre, spree killings or serial killings occur the mental health professionals, lawyers, survivors, journalists and pundits rush to diagnose the perpetrator as either psychotic or psychopathic. Either crazy or evil. One calls for treatment, the other for punishment. The courts have the final say. 
Now I ask you to consider a third possibility: In some cases the killer is sane and rational, and has been backed into a corner where he can no longer resist the biological instinct to strike back in violent self-defense and vengeance. This occurs in prisons and in enemy-occupied territories. It is less common in nominally liberal-democratic societies in peacetime, but it does occur, especially in communities with systemic corruption and deeply flawed justice systems. The killer may simply react as any primate would if cornered by a vicious predator – or, for that matter, as most mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, fish and spiders would. It’s basic biology. 

I agree that most mass-, spree-, and serial killers are insane, evil or both. Most, but not all. People who study the circumstances of the recent killings at issue here will agree that I had legitimate reasons to resort to violence. My most basic and sacred rights were maliciously stripped from me by government criminals. They were corrupted by and allied with violent racketeering fraudsters who caused me disabling injuries in an assault that could have killed me. Why shouldn’t I hate them and want to punish them severely?  
My many years of nonviolent efforts to achieve justice and reform only brought me more trouble and hardship. I learned the hard way that the government criminals and their racketeering friends cannot be reasoned with or appealed to on a moral or a legal level. They rely on violence and they only understand forceful push-back.  

Instead of protecting me and the public from the racketeers, Maui government criminals repeatedly arrested me unlawfully for lawfully demonstrating; they obstructed justice; and they perpetrated, allowed, aided and abetted brutal criminal violence against me. This was rank, fascist-style political violence with one purpose – to shut me up. If this does not call for serious push-back, what would? How spineless am I expected to be? I resorted to violence out of profound biological-psychological necessity.  
Can you hear me now, you malignant maggots?  
The concept of psychopathic agencies and institutions is central to the futurist novel Barbarians in Paradise / Terror Come to Maui, which explores methods of fighting this plague.   

I don’t expect to get out of this alive, but my associates will carry on. We have decided to phase out assassinations, but escalate the number of nonlethal reprisals. Early on we’ve had to get people’s attention with the most dramatic actions possible to prove we are serious. But the death penalty is crude and primitive, so we will phase in more sophisticated punishments. We have been developing formulas for a suite of single-target bio-toxic devices that don’t kill the targets, but cause them so much pain, sickness and anguish that they wish they were dead.  

The bio-toxin combinations, doses and effects determine the nature and severity of the punishments, which are based on the targets’ crimes. A few of the targets will kill themselves within hours or days, and a few more will be permanently disabled in one way or another. Most, however, will recover after several extremely miserable days, having learned that they will be held accountable for their crimes, and their suffering will be proportional to the suffering they have caused.  
But, you might ask, isn’t all this torture? Perhaps it is, but no more so than the infliction of years of pain and distress by the Prison Industrial Complex on its victims. The concept is explored in Barbarians in Paradise / Terror Comes to Maui. This futurist novel has already proved prescient in some important areas, and we are optimistic that our progress with nonlethal devices will continue long after I am gone.  

Eventually our single-target bio-toxic devices will be capable of imposing a wide variety of appropriate, proportionate and even ironic and darkly humorous punishments. Some people deserve to spend the rest of their lives wearing diapers and babbling nonsense. Some punishments are worse than death. 

Can you hear me now, you nitwits and shitheads? I targeted the government criminals who committed crimes that cost me a normal life; those who could have stopped the injustice railroad by simply doing the right thing, doing what is pono, taking the ethically and legally correct actions in performing their duties. Instead, these corrupt, hateful bastards consistently chose to commit unethical and criminal acts against me. I would not have thought it possible if I had not lived it. 
It is the duty of the police and prosecutors to protect everyone’s rights, but from the very start and continuing for many years Maui government criminals always treated me as an adversary and an enemy, fair game for railroading and fucking over. It never occurred to them that they were supposed to protect me while I lawfully demonstrated – protect me as zealously as they would protect a campaigning politician such as the mayor.  
Instead of upholding the law as they were sworn to do, the cops, prosecutors, mayor, corporation counsel and county council members protected the criminal racketeers from my legal, peaceful, educational, truthful, consumer-protection demonstrations; they allowed the criminals to violently attack and silence me; they unlawfully assaulted and arrested me for non-threatening words they disapproved of; and they repeatedly engaged in brazen criminal obstruction of justice.  
If I were murdered by racketeers in broad daylight the case would never be officially solved, even if several police officers witnessed the crime and saw the killer from ten feet away. A Maui cop told me as much. Their misconduct amounts to terroristic threatening, and aiding and abetting violent crimes against me. Why shouldn’t I react with my own violence? 
Cases that illustrate County of Maui’s malicious, criminal ways are described in the following blogs: (see especially cases #1-4 in the post of 4/19/14).; and
In addition to the four cases discussed in detail, there were another dozen or so incidents in which I was not arrested or assaulted, just harassed and threatened by police trying to intimidate me out of exercising my free-speech rights.
Once you’re railroaded on this small island, you are blackballed for life. Landlords and employers usually look at arrest records online, and they assume that if you were arrested you are guilty of something, or at least you are a troublemaker. Housing vacancies and jobs are scarce for everyone, and very scare for those with arrest records, even if never convicted. Things are even worse for those actually convicted of any trumped-up petty misdemeanor.  
I’ve been blackballed from even minimum-wage day labor because County of Maui persecuted me for exercising and defending my constitutional right, affirmed by five judges, to protest the criminal frauds of the Alive and Well health-fraud store owners, who have been running health and nutrition scams, and committing dozens of state and federal crimes every day for two decades. Several unlawful arrests and two convictions on phony petty misdemeanor charges, stemming from a single act of self-defense that injured no one, made normal life here impossible for me. Details are provided, and the racketeers and government criminals responsible are named in the blogs cited above.  

What happened to me could happen to anyone; it’s almost random but often involves corruption of one sort or another. Then, once they have you in the system, the bullying becomes more systematic. The motives, dynamics and likely consequences of institutionalized malicious and tyrannical behavior are explored in the futurist novel Barbarians in Paradise / Terror Comes to Maui. 
When considering the recent assassinations, before you judge me please ask yourself whether you, if subjected to similar government abuses and crimes, might not also develop vengeful, homicidal fantasies and impulses, and perhaps act on some of them.  
The desire for vengeance is a basic need, a powerful emotional imperative hardwired into our brains. It is the biological basis for the development of justice systems. When the system does not provide protection from a criminal thug and bully, the victim instinctively seeks his own justice.  
When the system is the criminal thug and bully, the sense of betrayal and the need for vengeance are magnified and may provoke a sudden explosion of violent reprisals, that is, mass murder, often followed by suicide. The workplace version of this is often called “going postal,” though it’s probably no more common in the postal service than in the average industry.  
These cases are especially tragic when they are random, committed in a mindless tantrum rather than targeted. Here the victims are innocent bystanders and violence against them obviously hurts the struggle for reform. As shown in the controversial futurist novel Barbarians in Paradise / Terror Comes to Maui, only targeted reprisals against specific government criminals for specific crimes can serve to justly punish, to deter, and to force reform.  
Can you hear me now, you treacherous idiots who routinely spit on the Bill of Rights, in the court’s face, and in my face?  
To understand how my anger turned lethal, imagine that you are a woman on Maui and that you have been battered and raped. Two police officers catch the rapist with his pants down but greet him like an old buddy and send him on his way. In spite of overwhelming evidence, including your phone recording in which you can be heard crying over and over, “No! Stop it!” the prosecutor refuses to convene a grand jury and no indictment is brought.  
Then, when you sue the rapist in civil court, your last chance of getting a tiny taste of justice, the county lawyers illegally prevent the police witnesses from testifying truthfully on your behalf by suborning perjury and by directing, aiding and abetting criminal evasion of service of a valid subpoena to testify. The judge allows all this to happen, but the jurors know nothing about it and you can’t tell them.  
It was all rigged, so you lose, and you get no justice and no compensation for the brutal crimes committed against you. In fact, to put a rotten cherry atop this obscene sundae, the judge orders you to pay tens of thousands of dollars to cover the rapist’s legal fees. No one will explain why they turned against you, but you suspect bribery of cops, prosecutors and county lawyers by the wealthy rapist. You cannot find an attorney to help you hold the culprits responsible. 
The judge’s order forces you to declare bankruptcy and this ruins your credit for a decade. The rape and the lack of accountability and justice injure you emotionally. You consult with a therapist regularly for years to help you deal with your nightmares about it, and you’re always swinging from manic anger to depression and back.  
The rape also injured you physically as you contracted an STD that increases your risk of cancer in the future. Plus you were pinned hard to the ground with your arm under you, which severely damaged ligaments and nerves. You have had surgery twice but it still hurts. The surgeon told you that it may hurt for the rest of your life, and you may need surgery again and again. You are sentenced to a life of pain, worry, medical bills, and poor health. But he gets off completely. 
Maui is like a small town, so you see the rapist around and it makes you sick, especially knowing he’ll surely rape again and probably already has. You also see the police witnesses, the prosecutors and the others who betrayed you and abet the rapist. Hiding behind your sunglasses and newspaper, you stare at them with contempt and wonder what makes them tick. You start having violent dreams involving them, nightmares in which you fight for your life and you must kill or be killed.  
You get only half the sleep you need and you start having the violent fantasies while you’re awake. You drift into daydreaming about how you would kill someone if necessary to save your life, your freedom and your dignity – or simply to get revenge if the offense was egregious and made a wreck of your life. It’s a natural progression.  
Given these circumstances you would probably be hurt and angry for the rest of your life, and you would never give up hope that eventually some measure of justice would be achieved. You would resent friends and therapists telling you to let it go and move on. They don’t understand that giving up hope for justice means accepting inferior status and a lower level of citizenship, dignity and humanity, one without constitutional protection of your fundamental rights and without freedom from fear.  

You can’t accept these things, so after years of festering pain, fear and anger, you decide to take justice into your own hands – violently because all your nonviolent efforts have failed. This will make them finally listen to you. It will spark media coverage and a public debate. It could lead to reform. Then your suffering would finally have meaning.  
You make a list of those who deserve the ultimate punishment. They deserve it because they waged war on you by denying your human and civil rights, and in war you fight to kill. You rank them so that if you only get a couple, at least you’ll get the worst of them. Just thinking about it makes you feel better, which makes you even more determined. The euphoria and the determination feed on each other and the idea gains momentum and power. It’s a neurological process rooted in millions of years of primate evolution.  

Can you hear me now, you stupid thugs wearing nice suits to disguise your barbaric nature? Your criminal violence serves merely to advance your careers, while the vengeful violence of the rape victim is a biological imperative. Are you beginning to understand at least a little bit of this? Is anyone home inside those troglodyte skulls of yours? 
My case #4 is perfectly analogous to the hypothetical rape case. Add cases #1, 2 and 3, and it is clear that I was repeatedly gang raped over a period of years. I was physically, emotionally and financially ravaged by violent violations of my most basic rights. I was bullied, degraded, dehumanized and humiliated by cynical, corrupt, stupid, mean, sadistic government criminals and stooges.  
In short, I was viciously fucked over by them and not one of the bastards was ever held accountable. This ate at me every day for years. As long as no measure of justice or reform was achieved my anger and hatred did not fade with time – they grew.  
This seems counter-intuitive. We say, “Time heals all wounds” and “You’ll get over it in time” and so on. But this is not always true. In some cases the victim needs to know that his or her suffering has not been in vain, that something good has come from it. Otherwise time will not lead to healing, but to dangerous rotting and festering.  
Justice delayed is justice denied, and the longer it is denied the greater is the victim’s pain and the moral debt owed him or her. Rather than fade, the level of retribution required for full justice grows with compound interest. While the victim might have quickly settled with the government for a sincere apology and a few thousand dollars, after years of seeing government criminals in action, dragging out the proceedings and arrogantly asserting their “right” to abuse and humiliate him, he may demand millions, then finally go primitive and resort to violence. It’s important to know all this if you want to understand the mental processes that led to my quiet, slow-motion, lethal rampage.  
I believe I am psychologically normal in this respect, not an aberration. Society cannot sweep such things under the rug and expect them to disappear. It is never too late to acknowledge injustice and enact policy reforms that protect citizens from government bullies and criminals. It is never too late to implement genuine rule of law. 
Permanent destitution – thanks to several unlawful arrests, two petty misdemeanor convictions obtained by fraud, and brazen obstruction of justice by Maui government criminals in my civil case – brought still more pain, fear, degradation and humiliation, and these accelerated my anger. It’s a vicious cycle with a dangerous edge. 
I am often awakened by shoulder pain late at night because I rolled onto my left side. For decades this had been my favorite sleeping position and now when I’m asleep I don’t always remember that I can’t sleep that way anymore – ever. If I do, the pain increases until it wakes me up, and it continues for an hour or two after I take the pressure off the shoulder.  
I have to avoid over-working the left arm in swimming, basketball, and even running and fast-walking. Forget weight-lifting. The racketeers who assaulted me and shredded the rotator cuff, along with the government criminals who aided and abetted them, are responsible for this.  
Many crimes were committed against me in this case, both by the racketeers and by the government criminals. Perhaps the most egregious, cynical and destructive was the brazen obstruction of justice by a deputy corporation counsel on the orders of her boss and in the name of the mayor and the county.  
The county had no dog in this fight, which was between me and the racketeers and their insurance company. Yet the mayor’s bulldogs vigorously intervened on behalf of the criminals and did everything possible to ensure not only that they were not prosecuted, but also that I lost the lawsuit. I was denied justice and not awarded compensation from the racketeers’ insurance company or punitive damages from the racketeers. What could motivate this extraordinary behavior other than dirty money?  
Everyone involved, including the (incompetent or corrupt) judge, the prosecutor and all the county council members (who I informed about it), knows that this government lawyer and officer of the court suborned perjury by one of the cop witnesses and encouraged, coached, aided and abetted the criminal evasion of service of a valid subpoena to testify by the other cop witness. And everyone knows that these crimes cost me the case. They all know what happened but don’t give a crap because this kind of thing is typical in this rotten, rigged, corrupt, farcical injustice system. (See Case #4 in and  
I lie in pain in the dark thinking about these things, about how radically my life has been degraded by the government criminals, and I fantasize about holding them personally accountable. Such thoughts have increasingly dominated my mind in recent years, both in my dreams and while awake. This scared me, so I sought counseling.  

Talk therapy helped for a couple years but ultimately failed as the anxiety and anger increased, and the craving for revenge grew into an obsession. Planning and working toward revenge provided some relief from the mental pain, but only as long as I kept at it and made tangible progress toward the goal. 
Can you hear me now, you arrogant assholes? Do you think maybe you should have listened to me years ago when I asked you nicely a hundred times, went through your channels, stumbled through your mazes, and jumped through your hoops – all to no avail? You people have no shame.  
After I die the investigators and experts who do the psychological autopsy will find that I do not fit the definition of either psychotic or psychopathic. I am not delusional and I don’t hallucinate. Nor have I ever shown signs of psychopathic behavior. As a child I didn’t hurt animals, vandalize property, play with matches or set fires. I got good grades and got along with teachers and other kids. I never stole, never shoplifted as much as a piece of gum. I’ve never been a drug abuser or more than a light drinker. I never get drunk and I don’t smoke. I’ve had lots of friends and lovers, and no serious fights or angry estrangements. There was never a hint of psychopathy. 
Equally important, I never had a criminal record until, after moving to Maui from Oahu in my fifties, I was accosted and set upon by the predatory Maui injustice system. This radically changed my life and my personality. Now in my seventies I’m a stone-cold killer, an assassin. Years of humiliating injustice, cruelty, and bullying can do that to a person.  
Can you hear me now you fascist jackals? Can you feel my anger and hatred? Are your rat-size brains beginning to process this?  
Before assassination occurred to me I toyed with other plans, mostly variations on suicide-by-cop. For example, I shoot up the county council while it’s in session, live on TV and streamed live on the internet. I fire at them until I’m shot dead, which I would be because I fire only blanks. I would die but the issues I raise would finally be discussed and debated. Reform would surely follow. 
Then I thought, wait, why should I die and they live? They’re the criminals. They allowed the mayor’s insane vendetta against me, and they won’t lift a finger to help me or to help promote reform and the rule of law. They would rejoice if I were dead and out of their hair. They deserve punishment more than I do. Why should I be a martyr? So my fantasy would morph into a similar attack but one using live ammo.  
Why shouldn’t I do it? Every one of these lawmakers, mostly lawyers and purported pillars of the community, refused when I asked them to affirm, in an open letter to the mayor and police chief, the following principle:  All commoners (ordinary citizens) have the same right as politicians to advocate by sign-waving on sidewalks and roadsides, and they must be afforded the same protection by the county in the exercise of that right.  

Who could object to this? After all, it is the law and it is guaranteed by the Constitution. So imagine my disappointment when not one of them would do it, not even the council member who supposedly represented me. They know that their right to campaign at the spot where I protested criminal racketeers will always be protected. Anyone who assaults them would face brutal retaliation from police, as well as vigorous prosecution. But none of these politicians will lift a little finger to defend my right to demonstrate there or anywhere else against the criminal racketeers.  
Where in the Constitution are elected officials and politicians granted greater First Amendment protection than the hoi polloi? Nowhere. But these arrogant shitheads really do think they are special and “more equal” than the rest of us, and they use violence to maintain that status (or that delusion). They were complicit in the racketeers’ and the mayor’s violent crimes against me, so why shouldn’t I use violence against them? This is the logical consequence of their actions and policies. They brought it on themselves. 

A lot of my thinking alternated like that, between suicide and assassination, between martyrdom and murder. Gradually the latter gained the upper hand.  

Can you hear me now, you brainless vermin? Can you begin to understand why I’d love to wring your fucking necks? Am I expressing “malice aforethought”? You bet your ass I am! This is how my thinking evolved to embrace violence.  

Meanwhile I experimented with a peashooter-type device that fires tiny drops of deadly bio-toxins and I learned (through testing on rats caught in cages in an apartment building) that it works as well as predicted in the controversial futurist novel Barbarians in Paradise / Terror Come to Maui 
Suicide receded as an option for me except if necessary to avoid prison. I became certain that if I put my mind to it I could eliminate the worst one fourth of the 40 or so potential targets and scare the hell out of the rest. This would give me some satisfaction and peace of mind in my last days. It would allow me to die a good death, content that I had finally succeeded to some degree.  

If I got stuck on a chemical or other technical issue I would let it simmer on a backburner while I did some of the necessary logistics research – learning where the targets live, their habits and schedules, and so on. Staying busy and making concrete progress like this helped my mood, but I knew that in the end only if I hit the bull’s eye would I finally have true peace of mind and a little happiness no matter what came after that.  
It didn’t have to be this way. I didn’t pick this fight. If one or two of the many government idiots and criminals involved in each of the several cases through the years had simply done the right thing at some point along the railroad, if one or two had done what is pono, the brutal process would have ground to a halt and there never would have been a reason for me to resort to violence. But stupidity and evil are institutionalized and entrenched here, so routine and habitual that extreme force is required to dislodge them. 

No, it didn’t have to be this way. If the local media had done their jobs of investigating and reporting, the assassinations could have been avoided. Once the public was informed about the issues, reform would be inevitable and I would be satisfied. But no one in local or statewide media, print or electronic, would investigate my documented allegations or publish my commentaries. They all violated their professional code of ethics by blackballing me and dismissing my concerns outright. 
Can you hear me now, you malicious media morons and pseudo-journalists? Will you be honest and tell your readers and audiences that for years I begged and pestered you to try to be real journalists by investigating and reporting on the illegal government policies that were certain to result in violent blow-back? And will you tell them that you refused because you are ass-licking whores and cowards, no better than the pseudo-journalists in Putin’s Russia? You pigs make me puke. 

The “justice” system (criminal and civil; local and state) will always be hopelessly flawed and incapable of delivering justice until it renounces, denounces, apologizes for, and scraps the policy of perjury decriminalization –  officially, loudly, completely and forever. It is self-evident that as long as this unconstitutional policy is in effect there can be no rule of law and no due process, so people will attempt to make their own justice, violently if necessary. All the officers of the court who go along to get along and ignore the law are complicit in the crimes and should be disbarred. 

If a single act could have prevented my lethal actions it would have been officially scrapping perjury decriminalization, as I have repeatedly urged the county to do since the year 2000. But even after the atrocities of my case #3, in which brazen perjury landed me in jail for a hellish 30 days, the government criminals have stubbornly maintained the illegal policy because it is important to the powerful, parasitical Prison Industrial Complex.  
This unofficial, shadowy interest group and its wide-ranging effects on society are explored in the futurist novel Barbarians in Paradise / Terror Comes to Maui. Perjury decrim is a lubricant that keeps the railroad running smoothly in the “right” direction – into the maw of the prison system, where the prey are chewed up, then left to rot.  

If the government criminals had abided by the Constitution and upheld the rule of law, as they were sworn to do, I would not have become angry and violent. Other serious crimes were committed against me, but perjury was common to all the cases and its decriminalization played a role in the system’s failure to render justice in each of the cases. See especially case #3 in, post of 4/19/14. 
Given that the policy is clearly unconstitutional (it violates separation of powers and due process) and given that it obviously undermines the integrity of the justice system, it is natural to wonder why the government criminals cling to it so stubbornly. The answer is precisely for the second “given”, to undermine the integrity of the justice system and increase the odds of always getting the results they want. A blanket pass on perjury allows prosecution witnesses, especially cops, to lie under oath with impunity without accusations of selective prosecution and non-prosecution.  

Of course, many defendants also lie under oath, but most of them don’t lie as well as cops, who wear uniforms and have more practice. Also, most defendants who are not career criminals don’t know about perjury decriminalization and are inclined to take the oath seriously. Cop witnesses have an advantage because they know the oath is a farce. The county council and all its members are complicit in this farce; they are fully aware of the policy and refuse to speak out and take action against it. 
Something else the four cases have in common, besides perjury and perjury decriminalization, is equally disturbing. All four cases involve government violations and attempted violations of my free-speech rights, including retaliation for my lawful speech that its agents disapprove of. This is a vivid illustration of the Maui government criminals’ utter contempt for the Bill of Rights.  

The media morons are too stupid to see that if my First Amendment rights are threatened, so are theirs. And they stubbornly refuse to investigate and report on the elephant in the room, perjury decriminalization, which makes our justice system no better than Putin’s, our trials mere show-trials. In my case, and no doubt many others, the government’s policy amounts to institutionalized complicity in criminal violence.  
The local media ignored my 28-day hunger strike (longer than Gandhi’s longest) that could have killed me, but reported on much shorter protest fasts in Hong Kong. When you are blackballed by the media you are denied due process in the court of public opinion and, no matter how just your cause or how dramatic your demonstration, you have little chance of success.  

And so my many nonviolent efforts, over several years, to inspire an end to the criminal policies all failed and counter violence was left as my only option.  
Can you hear me now, you walking slime, you filth that we scrape off our shoes?  

In various blog posts (cited above and below) I have identified some 40 people (only as a group in the cases of county council members and jail staff) and described their crimes that caused me years of pain and poverty. The vast majority are government criminals – police officers including chiefs and investigators; county prosecutors and assistant prosecutors; corporation counsels and deputy counsels; and the mayor and executive officials. They should all go to jail for the crimes they routinely commit, but they are never held accountable and they are free to bully people on a whim. The county council and its members have been complicit in these crimes. 

Here are some of the crimes that these people have committed against me, most more than once and most by more than one person:  
Assault and battery resulting in long-term injury and pain;

Complicity, allowing, aiding and abetting violent crimes against me by racketeers that resulted in long-term injury and pain;
Giving unlawful orders with threats of arrest for the purpose of inhibiting lawful speech;
Unlawful arrest for exercising my 1st Amendment rights followed by incarceration where I was viciously brutalized by jail personnel;
Falsification of and lying in police reports;
Malicious and frivolous prosecution;
Denial of attorney consultation while unlawfully in custody;
Denial of medical care while unlawfully in custody;
Denial of all hygiene (shower, soap, toothbrush, toilet paper, etc.) for ten straight days while unlawfully in custody;
Torture by sleep deprivation for ten straight days while unlawfully in custody;
Attempted forceful injection of powerful anti-psychotic knock-out drug in order to silence my crying and moaning in pain and begging to be taken to the hospital for a kidney stone;
Perjury in affidavits and in trial testimony;
Complicity in and subornation of perjury;  
Criminal evasion of a valid subpoena;
Complicity, aiding and abetting criminal evasion of a valid subpoena;
Lying to a jury;
Obstruction of justice repeatedly by several and various means;
Running a protection racket for a criminal enterprise;
Complicity in running a protection racket for a criminal enterprise;
Violation of oaths to uphold the law, a form of perjury and fraud.
A competent prosecutor could document at least 50 counts of these crimes by the county government and its agents (as well as Maui-based state jail guards) against me. They amount to a violent assault by Maui government criminals on our basic rights and on the rule of law.  

I say it’s a violent assault because the county freely uses its power, at its discretion, to arrest, handcuff, taze, beat, drag, throw, choke, lock in a small crowded cage for weeks and months, torture by sleep and hygiene deprivation and other means, haul around in chains, berate, defame, insult, threaten, assault, do full body-cavity searches, and otherwise injure, distress and humiliate its victims.   
The crimes caused me years of traumatic stress and vivid, violent nightmares, which I wrote about in a “Nightmare Verse” discussion board on Yahoo! back in 2011. Here is what I posted: 
Recurring Nightmare
They spit on me
and threaten to kill me.

They kick me and beat me.

I swing back at them

but my blows fall short.

They humiliate me,

torment and torture me

I cry out but no sound emits.
I try to run
but my feet are leaden.
They sharpen their knives
and grin sadistically.

I find my phone

but the send button has vanished.

I find my pistol

and pull the trigger

but no bullet emits.
Every night is the same.

By a final Herculean effort,

though still asleep and dreaming,

I yell for help

and it comes out loud,

loud enough to wake me,
I’m dripping wet.

Loud enough to wake others;
Tenants in nearby rooms stir

and yell, “What the fuck?!”
 A few of the “civilian” criminals, the racketeering fraudsters whose crimes set these events in motion, are horrible people and also worth considering as targets. However, I concluded that targeting them would not provide the same leverage for reform as targeting government criminals.  

Professional fraudsters are psychopaths and they do what comes naturally to their species. They will always be with us. But the government is paid to provide a modicum of education and legal protection from them, not to aid and abet their criminal scamming and endangering people; and not to help them violently silence lawful protests against their business model of theft by deception on a mega grand-larceny scale. 
For details about the key cases, the racketeers, and the government criminals see: (see especially cases #1-4 in post of 4/19/14).; and;

 To construct a target list I ranked the government criminals based on the seriousness of their crimes; the degree of their brazen contempt for and danger to the Bill of Rights; and the severity of the pain and suffering they had caused me and others. I made those in the top one fourth my priority targets; they made up my initial target list. Several of their names will be on the list of those who will have died mysteriously by the time you read this.  
I made no effort to go after these targets in any particular order. Nor was I determined to achieve some minimum number of hits. I assumed that at some point I would be satisfied with the vengeance I had achieved, and with the debates and the reforms I had inspired. Then I could finally quit with peace of mind.  
Can you hear me now, you backstabbing scumbags? Those of you who are still alive, that is. Do you see the dark places a mind can go to when tormented for years by shit-brain government bullies and criminals?  Why shouldn’t I have lashed out with lethal violence? It’s in our genes and our neurons to defend ourselves and to seek justice – in the form of extra-judicial revenge if that is the only option.
 How can such violence be prevented in the future? By committing to and implementing the genuine rule of law and ditching the pretend rule of law we have now. This means dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex; getting and keeping the corrupt sociopaths, the born tyrants, and the hopelessly lazy, apathetic and incompetent out of government, especially the justice system; and enacting legislative and policy reforms that make protection of our basic rights a priority second to none.  

The Liberty Lovers’ Manifesto is a comprehensive compendium of popular reformist demands that make sense to many. It is provided in the Appendix to the controversial futurist novel Barbarians in Paradise / Terror come to Maui.  

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For more detailed critiques of various forms of quackery, including naturopathy, see my book A Consumer’s Guide to “Alternative Medicine”. It was expertly edited by legendary quack buster Stephen Barrett, MD.  The critics say:

"Superb!" -- Dr. Victor Herbert in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"Excellent" -- National Council Against Health Fraud.

"Five Stars" -- Cooking Light.

"Thought provoking; a great book" -- American Journal of Health Promotion.  

When the book was published almost 30 years ago it was strongly praised by responsible health experts and the rare responsible media, but trashed by new-age critics and even vandalized in bookstores by new-age fanatics. It is as true and relevant as ever, and has been mostly vindicated by time. Yet my courageous and far-sighted publisher, the venerable Prometheus Books, is still sitting on lots of copies. Please help validate their integrity by buying a copy. Or two or more as gifts. Perhaps 10 for your local school library and health classes. See their website for assorted discounts. Make them an offer. (My royalties are insignificant; this little promo is for the benefit of one of the world's great publishers, Prometheus Books.) 

Maui's future foretoldBarbarians In Paradise -- Terror Comes to Maui. This is a prophetic flash novel about a future police state and those who rebel against it. Available in paperback and ebook at 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Barbarians in Paradise/Terror Comes to Maui: Teachers' Discussion Guide

Provocative Questions for Lively Classroom Rap Sessions
Who are the "barbarians" referred to in the book’s title?
Who is responsible for the terror referred to in the subtitle?
How might Tulsi’s tragedy have been prevented?
What factors made Jason vulnerable to Vicky’s scam?
Can a woman rape a man?
Was Vicky’s scam just a sweetheart swindle or would you say that she raped Jason with the help of drugs?
What is due process?

            Was Jason denied due process by the Maui justice system?
            What do we call the part of the Constitution that guarantees due process, freedom of speech and religion, and other fundamental rights?
Do you think the police and prosecutors on Maui are as brutal, corrupt and contemptuous of constitutional rights as they are portrayed in the book? If not, do you think they could become that bad by the 2020s in which the story is set?
One clear message of Barbarians in Paradise is that tyranny and brutality create a powerful need for vengeance. This need apparently has its origins in the brains of humanoids that are ancestors of Homo sapiens (humans). And this need for vengeance is said to be the biological basis of near-universal concepts of morality, justice and ethics. Does this seem plausible?
What is the definition of a psychopath? What traits and behaviors are typical of psychopathic persons?

            Do you think a simple, surreptitious test like the one Ryan used on Jason in Chapter 4 could be a reliable test for psychopathy?
            In Barbarians in Paradise the dissidents are convinced that the "prison industrial complex," including the various Hawaii county governments, police departments, prosecutors and state law enforcement officials, engage in behavior that is psychopathic by definition, and that the institutions themselves are therefore psychopathic. But is it reasonable to impute psychological characteristics to institutions or to societies?
Can you think of examples from history or from recent times when it might be reasonable to conclude that a government or agency is psychopathic?
            If your most basic rights and liberties were violated, infringed and stolen by police, prosecutors, judges and lawyers, would you consider resorting to violence to restore and keep your rights?

            In its Liberty Lovers’ Manifesto the rebel group Aka makes certain demands and threatens “continuous lethal reprisals” until they are fully met. Which of Aka’s demands seem reasonable? Do their threatened consequences seem justified?
Though they have similar grievances, the Video Vandals’ prefer methods of protest quite different from those of Aka. Do you think the Vandals’ methods could be justified in some situations?
Should lawyers be compelled to represent victims of government brutality and other abuses in civil lawsuits?
The Preamble to Aka’s manifesto, The Law is For All, refers to “revolution without overthrow.” What does this mean? Is it possible?
Which dissident tactics were more effective, those of the Video Vandals or those of Aka?
In the end did either Aka or the Video Vandals achieve their goals?
Which of the following statements about Barbarians in Paradise/Terror Comes to Maui are true? (Any, all or none.)
a. It’s just entertainment, a sci-fi political thriller with no political or social message.
b. It’s a revenge fantasy for people who’ve been abused by the government.
c. It’s a prophecy, a look into the future of Maui and possibly America.
d. It’s a cautionary tale, like Orwell’s 1984, a warning of what will likely happen, what Maui will become if the justice system is not radically reformed.
. It’s a seditious, dangerous revolutionary manual disguised as a novel. 

Links to all my blogs: 

For more detailed critiques of various forms of quackery, including naturopathy, see my book A Consumer’s Guide to “Alternative Medicine”. It was expertly edited by legendary quack buster Stephen Barrett, MD.  The critics say:

"Superb!" -- Dr. Victor Herbert in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"Excellent" -- National Council Against Health Fraud.

"Five Stars" -- Cooking Light.

"Thought provoking; a great book" -- American Journal of Health Promotion.  

When the book was published almost 30 years ago it was strongly praised by responsible health experts and the rare responsible media, but trashed by new-age critics and even vandalized in bookstores by new-age fanatics. It is as true and relevant as ever, and has been mostly vindicated by time. Yet my courageous and far-sighted publisher, the venerable Prometheus Books, is still sitting on lots of copies. Please help validate their integrity by buying a copy. Or two or more as gifts. Perhaps 10 for your local school library and health classes. See their website for assorted discounts. Make them an offer. (My royalties are insignificant; this little promo is for the benefit of one of the world's great publishers, Prometheus Books.) 

Maui's future foretoldBarbarians In Paradise -- Terror Comes to Maui. This is a prophetic flash novel about a future police state and those who rebel against it. Available in paperback and ebook at